5 steps to starting the promotion of your locksmith business on a budget

29.11.2017 10:24
5 steps to starting the promotion of your locksmith business on a budget

1.Know your audience
It's important to know your target audience when thinking about the marketing strategy for a locksmith. Where is your audience shopping, which magazines do they read, which places do they go to? Knowing this information will help you to think about various ways on how to let them know about you. For example, if you're a national brand then the internet and all it's marketing avenues is definitely the way to go. However, if you are a small, local locksmith business, then it's probably best to look at more traditional marketing methods, mentioned below.

2.Register on free directories

  • Use free online resources to list your business and make it easier for people to find you.
    Most importantly, use free Google listing called Google My Business - it's easy to create and update your listing. Set up your free business listing and profile on Yell, Yellow pages.
  • Use local newspapers.
    They might have some free listings online or offline. Check if there are any discount schemes for the residents and see if you could add your locksmith services - it will help you to get additional listings and promotion.

3.Network with local authorities and business

  • Get in touch with your local neighborhood watch schemes, attend their meetings, do some networking and promote your locksmith business as cheaply as possible.
  • Think which companies would want to keep your details on hand? What about local stores and 24/7 kiosks?

4.Do door drops
Print some informative letters to potential customers and drop leaflets yourself. Make them stand out - colorful, catchphrases or anything else which will help them remember to call you when they need it.

5.Leave your details

  • Check your local DIY stores; most large ones have a business card or notice board to leave your cards.
  • Leave cards at supermarket notice boards. Make them stand out and be creative - make them as stickers or exciting shapes.