TT Grip Styles

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Designed specifically for compatibility with the APECS AP 3* Euro, our innovative removable thumbturn feature allows for interchangeable turn styles, offering enhanced flexibility and convenience. Currently, these thumbturn variants are compatible with the following sizes:

  • AP35-35BSN TT (K5)
  • AP35-35BSN TT KA (K5)
  • AP35-45BSN TT (K5)
  • AP40-40BSN TT (K5)
  • AP40-50BSN TT (K5)
  • AP45-45BSN TT (K5)
  • AP45-50BSN TT (K5)
  • AP50-35BSN TT (K5)
  • AP50-40BSN TT (K5)
  • AP50-45BSN TT (K5)
  • AP50-50BSN TT KA (K5)

With 2 grub screws holding them in place, they are easily interchangable.

Currently only available in Brushed Satin Nickel.