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In this article we’re seeking to cover some of the most common questions we get asked here at APECS. These questions come from locksmiths, manufacturers, the general public and more! If you have any questions that we haven’t covered here, you can get in touch with us on our social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, by emailing us on info@apecs.co.uk or by calling the office on 02073499888.


What Makes The APECS AP Cylinder Different To Other 3 Star Euro Cylinders In The UK?


There are a number of KM 3* Euro Cylinders available on the market in the UK, but we are confident that the APECS AP Euro Cylinder stands out above the rest. Not only is the AP a KM 3* Euro Cylinder, it is also certified as a Sold Secure Diamond Grade Euro Cylinder, making it the most secure cylinder available in the UK.


The APECS AP is also protected by our APECS Key Secure system which ensures that no unauthorised copies of your keys can be made. You can read more about APECS Key Secure here.


On top of this, the AP also features our patent pending anti-snap protection system which ensures that the lock is still operable from the inside when it is tampered with externally.


Here at APECS we are one of the few manufacturers in the UK to have our own factories and testing facilities, meaning that we can make the cylinders exactly the way we want them and continue to make upgrades to the designs. Many competitor cylinders in the UK are made in the same factories, with less control over the process.


What Certifications Do Your Products Have?


Our range of products have a large number of different certifications. The easiest way to present this is to take a look at each product and explain what certifications it has.


AP Cylinder


The AP Euro Cylinder holds both KM 3* and Sold Secure Diamond Grade certifications. These are the two highest levels of certifications for euro cylinders available in the UK.


N6 + XS Cylinder


The N6 and the XS euro cylinders both hold KM 1* certifications, making them more secure than a standard euro cylinder.


LX5 5 Lever Mortice Lock


The LX5 mortice lock holds BS3621 certification, meaning that it is insurance approved and an ideal upgrade for existing 5 lever dead locks on the market.


NP75 Euro Sashlock


The NP75 has been corrosion tested using the Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) testing for at least 72 hours.


DC204 Door Closer


The DC204 Door Closer has passed 240 hour NSS testing for corrosion. On top of this, it has also passed in-house fire resistance testing for at least 60 minutes, up to the same level as EN1634 testing.


What Are The Most Important Things To Consider When Buying a New Lock?


There are lots of things to consider when you are purchasing a new lock, but above all, security should be at the top of your list.


If you’re on the lookout for a new euro cylinder lock, then there are two important things to look out for. The first of these is you want to look out for how many stars are shown on the end of the cylinder. Euro cylinders can either have zero, one or three stars and these will be shown above the BSI heart logo. These stars signify what level of testing the cylinder has passed, with three stars being the most secure. If the cylinder has no BSI logo and no stars, then it will only offer very basic levels of security.


Another extra level of security that you want to look out for is the Sold Secure Diamond Grade certification. The Sold Secure testing is an extra level of testing which euro cylinders can under-go and any that have passed this testing will be even more secure. You can check to see which locks have passed the Sold Secure testing by going onto their website here.


Our AP euro cylinder has passed both KM 3* and Sold Secure Diamond Grade testing, making it the most secure cylinder available on the UK market. Our AP euro cylinder also features a unique snap protection system which allows the lock to still be operable from the inside when it is tampered with externally. With lock snapping continuing to rise around the UK, having a lock with built in anti-snap features is extremely important. To find out more about lock snapping, you can read our article here.


If you’re looking for a mortice or lever lock for your door, then the most important thing to look out for is the BSI logo. This will be shown on the faceplate of the lock and signifies that it has passed BS3621 testing.


Our LX5 Mortice Lock has passed the BS3621 testing, making it an ideal 5 lever deadlock if you’re looking to upgrade to a lock which is insurance approved. To find out more about BS3621 regulations, you can read our article here.


What Is APECS Key Secure and Why Is It The Best Key Protection System Out There?


Here at APECS, security is our passion and with the introduction of APECS Key Secure, we believe that we have taken the most secure euro cylinder available in the UK and made it even more secure.


APECS Key Secure protects the customers keys from unauthorised copying. APECS Key Secure adds an extra layer of security to the AP cylinder. When a customer signs up for APECS Key Secure, they will create their own Security Code and then new copies of their keys can only be made when that Security Code is provided.


Once the customer has made a Security Code, whenever they, or someone else attempts to access the key code to create copies of the key, they will have to correctly input the password in our system. APECS and the customer will instantly receive a notification email when someone has attempted successfully, or unsuccessfully to access their key information.


We do not store any address information on file, so this system provides the highest level of security for the customers property.

10 June, 2020

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Nigel Hutchinson - Managing Director ILH

Nigel Hutchinson - Managing Director ILH

"Working with APECS has been great. They are both friendly and professional to deal with and all of the products we have used have been of the highest quality."

24 April, 2019