Technical Data Sheet

XS Dual Cylinder

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Bearing the BSI 1 Star Kitemark seal of approval, The APECS XS Dual expands the boundaries of open-profile cylinders, effortlessly combining top-notch security with an affordable price point.

Building upon the foundation of the esteemed APECS XS euro cylinder, it’s successor the XS Dual euro cylinder is a paramount advancement. This fortified
iteration stands guard against the primary techniques of forced entry – be it drilling, picking, bumping, or plug extraction. Notably, it introduces an additional layer of safeguarding through snap protection with sacrificial cuts.

The XS Dual doesn’t merely enhance security; it is a dual finish Euro cylinder, optimising space utilisation in your van or locksmith store, acknowledging the practicality of modern lifestyles.

A STAR PERFORMER IN MASTER-KEYING CAPABILITIES, THE XS DUAL NOW BOASTS UNPARALLELED VERSATILITY. With the capacity for up to 1000 different differs under a master for streamlined systems, and with additional capability to offer large master-key systems with common entrances and submasters, it empowers you with customisation without compromise.

The APECS XS Dual Cylinder has 4 anti-pick pins and 3 anti-drill pins on each side as well as a shallow chamber and a u-shaped stainless steel protection pin that prevents plug extraction. 


Material: Brass
Mechanism Type: Pin Tumbler
Effective Differs: In excess of 117,000
Number of Pins: 6
Sizes: 70-110mm and Offsets
Variations: Key-Key & Thumbturn
Key Type: Standard Key
Number of Keys: 5
Finish: Dual Finish
Packaging Type: Cardboard

Security Information

  • U-shaped Stainless Steel protection pin that prevents from plug extraction
  • Anti-pick: 4 anti-pick pins on each side
  • Anti-bump: shallow chamber
  • Anti-drill: 3 anti-drill pins on each side
  • Anti-plug extraction
  • Brass differ and driver pins
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Sacrifical Cuts


  • BSI 1 Star Kitemark – KM621947
  • Tested to TS007 - 1:2014 + A2:2018
  • Tested to EN1303:2015 — 16000C60