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Fully 3D adjustable

APECS 3D 60 concealed hinges can be mounted on doors unobtrusively. 3D 60 incorporates security in their design as there are no external components visible or vulnerable to attack.

A pair of these concealed hinges is ideal for flush faced or wooden doors up to 60kg in commercial and residential buildings.

Concealed hinges are fully 3D adjustable and come with smooth removable covers.


Material: Zinc Alloy
Height: 135mm
Depth: 25mm
3D Adjustment Vertical: ±2.5mm
3D Adjustment Horizontal: ±2mm
3D Adjustable Depth: ±1mm
Opening Angle: 180°
Cutting Diameter: 28.5mm
Cutting Length: 135.5mm / 92.5mm
Cutting Depth: 8.5mm / 25.5mm
Max Door Weigth (for a pair) 60kg
Min Door Thickness: 36mm
Max Door Width: 900mm
Max Door Height: 2100mm
Finish: Matt Chrome

Unique Features

  • Comes as a set of two
  • 3D adjustable
  • Removable covers
  • Maximum door load 60kg

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