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In collaboration with Adaptalock, this listing is for a complete bundle including an Adaptalock Single Spindle Complete Kit and a APECS AP BSI 3 Star Kitemark Cylinder (choose your size).

The Adaptalock Single Spindle Complete Kit is a retrofit multipoint system, that can be used to fit most applications. Designed by a locksmith with locksmiths in mind, the Adaptlock Kit needs no cutting, no new keeps which equals no hassle! 

Adaptalock's Patented Design overcomes the frustrating, time consuming and costly installation issues experienced with existing lock systems. It's impossible to make a mistake with Adaptalock as there is no cutting or cropping. If your first attempt of alignment to match the Hook bolt positions is not accurate enough, you simply slide the Hook bolt further along the rails until it matches perfectly to the existing frame keep. 

The Adapatalock Kit consists of:

  • 1 x Single Spindle Gearbox with 35 backset / 92mm PZ
  • 2 x Snap down 16mm Faceplates
  • 2 x Hook bolt Rails 
  • 20 x Screws


The APECS AP is our BSI 3 Star Kitemark, Sold Secure Diamond Standard Euro Cylinder which offers maximum protection. It safeguards from all forced methods of attack ranging from snapping, drilling, plug-extraction, picking and bumping.

The APECS AP cylinder is specifically designed to protect from unauthorised access by burglars. The AP cylinder is engineered with a unique sacrificial point, which when tampered with externally sets an interlocking cam mechanism into action, preventing any further damage to the internal parts of the cylinder, whilst still keeping the lock operable from the inside.

In the event of snapping, the home owner can still operate the door and exit the property due to the lock's unique mechanism which is engaged when the cylinders external section is snapped off. This mechanism slides the clutch into place, preventing further external damage and manipulation of the cam, whilst keeping the lock operable from the inside. 

The APECS AP euro cylinder is available with 5 keys and this can be selected when ordering. 

What is the button on the AP Cylinder used for?

The button the thumbturn AP cylinders allows the customer to exit the property if the lock has been damaged on the external side. The technology on our AP means that if the cylinder is snapped on the external side, the internal mechanism cannot be tampered with, meaning that the homeowner can still exit the property. This is usually done by using the key, but with our Thumbturn cylinders, this is done using the button.

What is the APECS up to £2500 Break In Guarantee?

To give you total peace of mind, in the unlikely event of a break-in succeeding through a snapping attack on our cylinder, we will pay up to £2500 towards the loss of any items which are not covered by any of your household insurance policies.


Material Brass and Hardened Carbon Steel
Mechanism Type: Pin Tumbler and Slider Hybrid
Number of Differs: In Excess of 180,000
Number of Pins: 9
Sizes: 70-110mm & Offsets
Variations: Key-Key & Thumbturn
Key Type: Dimple and Slider Hybrid Key
Number of Keys: 5
Finish Type: Brushed Brass/Brushed Satin Nickel
Packaging Type: Cardboard

Security Information (AP Cylinder)

  • Anti-pick: 4 pins on each side
  • Anti-bump: double locking mechanism with slider in combination with a unique shallow chamber
  • Anti-drill: 2 pins on each side of the cylinder shell + 5 on each side in the cylinder core
  • 1 steel driver pin on each side
  • Snap-secure sacrificial point
  • Dimple and slider hybrid key profile
  • 10-year guarantee
  • 5-year snap-secure guarantee

Unique Features (AP Cylinder)

  • Double locking mechanism with additional track rail pins
  • Patented interlocking mechanism and hardened cam protection block prevents from snapping and plug extraction
  • Patented ball-bearing connection ensures additional operation smoothness and strong fixing between the cylinder core and the cam
  • Operable from inside when lock is tampered with externally

Certificates (AP Cylinder)

  • BSI 3 Star Kitemark – KM621947
  • Sold Secure Diamond Standard – CLME08161454
  • Tested to TS007:2014 + A2:2018
  • Tested to EN1303:2015 — 160B0C6D

Certificates (Adaptalock Single Spindle Kit)

  • Sold Secure Domestic Bronze