5 Positive Things To Happen This Week

5 Positive Things To Happen This Week

5 Positive Things To Happen in the Past Week


These are uncertain times for lots of businesses across nearly all industries, but it’s also important to try and focus on some positives that are happening around the world! That’s why we have put together our list of 5 Positive Things To Happen in the Past Week!


1 Star Studded Teachers



A number of celebrities have teamed up with the BBC to help parents who are about to start home-schooling their children again after the end of the Easter holidays. Sir David Attenborough will be teaching Geography lessons, Professor Brian Cox will be teaching Science and even Manchester City star, Sergio Aguero, has signed up to teach Spanish!


Get ready for great content that I’m sure parents and kids will both love!


2 World War Two Veteran Raises Millions



Tom Moore, the 99-year old World War Two veteran has raised a stunning £27 million for the NHS after completing 100 laps of his garden for charity. The former war hero from Bedfordshire set out to raise £1000, but following social media and the news picking up his fantastic story, he has become a “one man fundraising machine” according to Prince William.


Good on you Tom!


3 Himalayas Become Visible Again



The Himalayas become visible for the first time in years. Locals in the Punjab region of India have had their first sighting of the Himalayas for the first time in decades due to reduced pollution levels since India enforced their Covid-19 lockdown.


Pollution levels have dropped massively around the globe, with Delhi alone seeing a decrease of 44% in air pollution in the first day of the lockdown. In the UK, wildflowers and wildlife is thriving with the decrease in pollution levels.


4 Run For Heroes 



The Run For Heroes campaign which encourages people to run 5k, donate £5 and then tag 5 of their friends to do the same has been sweeping social media over the past few weeks. The challenge has been taken up by celebrities as well as the general public and has the dual positive effect of raising money for charity and keeping people fit!


The initiative is raising valuable funds for NHS charities across the UK, having raised nearly £5 million already! 


5 Some Good News



John Krasinski sets up his “Some Good News” YouTube channel. The star of the US version of The Office has set up a YouTube channel featuring positive news to keep people entertained. The channel has already racked up over 2 million subscribers and has featured celebrity cameos from the likes of Brad Pitt delivering the weather as well as The Office co-star Steve Carrell.


If you’re a fan of The Office or just positive news, then I’d highly recommend the channel!



As you can see, there’s plenty of good things happening in the world at the moment, so whilst it’s important to keep on top of Coronavirus related news, if you’re feeling that it’s negatively affecting you, try taking a break from the news and reading good news blogs!



21 April, 2020

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