APECS the LockFit chosen supplier - We Meet Kevin Russell Managing Director of the National LockFit franchise

APECS the LockFit chosen supplier - We Meet Kevin Russell Managing Director of the National LockFit franchise

At the beginning of February, our Managing Director Nik Goncharov meet with Kevin Russell, Managing Director of the National LockFit franchise to learn more about the LockFit brand, and the story behind the creation and to discuss the industry as a whole.

Kevin Russell Managing Director of National LockFit Franchise

- Story Behind the LockFit Brand

As a practising Locksmith, Kevin was travelling regionally to service his customers, there was no job that was too big or too small. He built his website, built on his knowledge of locksmithing and went on to service multiple customers. However, something that Kevin kept facing was the negative press around mobile locksmiths and the response they were getting.

In 2018, Kevin noticed there was a gap in the market and that is where the seed of LockFit grew. Utilising his experience as a locksmith and his best practice, he created a brand that would change the minds of those who thought negatively of Mobile Locksmiths and their practice.

Kevin created a brand that is transparent and consistent with its messaging to its customers. Kevin then saw the opportunity behind franchising the brand that he founded, creating a sustainable and open brand that offered locksmiths a great mobile start-up and offering their customers the transparency that was not being given elsewhere.

Within 3 years, Kevin has focused on growing the LockFit brand, taking the brand Nationwide with now nearly 100 franchise territories sold across the country with an aim to get to 120 franchises across the United Kingdom in the next year.

- Impact of turbulence in the UK through COVID and cost-of-living crisis

“Within the Industry, LockFit hasn’t been heavily impacted by the economic crises. When we look at the past 3 years as a whole, the majority of the impact has been seen through cost increases impacting the business. Year on year, we have seen consistent growth which is a reflection on the hard work all of the franchises do in creating awareness around improving home security and keeping more homes safe” – Kevin.

- Why is APECS your chose lock supplier?

“Previously we have worked with other lock manufacturing brands, but over the past year, we have seen an increase in more and more franchise owners talking about the APECS products and services.

We always look to work with brands that can support our high quality of; work, customer services and products, to which APECS is second to none. With a consistent pricing structure, an outstanding level of customer service at all levels within the business and a superior-quality product, it only makes sense to offer the APECS range to our customers” – Kevin

15 March, 2023

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Mark Grainger - Director Abbey Locks & Security

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