Top Tips for Securing Your Home While on Holiday

Top Tips for Securing Your Home While on Holiday

Going on a well-deserved holiday should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, but it's important not to overlook the safety and security of your home while you're away. With the rise in burglary incidents, taking proactive measures to secure your home becomes crucial. In this blog post, we'll explore some top tips for ensuring your home remains safe and sound during your vacation, with a focus on the exceptional protection provided by APECS AP high security door locks.

  1. Lock All Doors and Windows: Before leaving, ensure all doors and windows are securely locked. Double-check each entry point, including basement and attic windows.

  2. Upgrade Your Locks: Consider installing high-security locks like the APECS AP BSI 3 Star Kitemark Euro Cylinder. These locks provide advanced protection against various break-in techniques.

  3. Don't Advertise Your Absence: Refrain from posting travel plans on social media platforms. Burglars often use this information to target vacant homes.

  4. Ask a Neighbor for Help: Inform a trusted neighbor or friend about your absence. They can keep an eye on your property, collect mail/packages, and create the illusion of an occupied home.

  5. Use Timers for Lights: Set timers for interior lights to turn on and off at different times. This gives the impression that someone is at home.

  6. Hold Mail and Deliveries: Suspend mail and newspaper deliveries, or ask a neighbor to collect them. Piled-up mail is a clear sign of an empty house.

  7. Secure Valuables: Store valuable items in a hidden or secure location, like a safe. This adds an extra layer of protection for your important belongings.

  8. Install Motion Sensor Lights: Outdoor motion sensor lights deter burglars by illuminating your property when movement is detected.

  9. Trim Overgrown Landscaping: Prune bushes and shrubs near windows to eliminate potential hiding spots for intruders.

  10. Unplug Electronics: Disconnect non-essential electronics to prevent electrical fires or power surges in your absence.

  11. Set Your Alarm System: If you have a security system, activate it before leaving. Ensure your alarm monitoring company is aware of your travel dates.

  12. Lock Garage and Shed: Secure your garage and any outdoor sheds with strong locks. These areas often contain tools that could aid a break-in.

  13. Notify Police: Some local police departments offer vacation checks. Notify them of your absence, and they may periodically patrol your area.

  14. Keep Curtains Normal: Maintain your usual curtain positions. Drastically closed or open curtains can indicate an empty house.

  15. Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Ensure these detectors are functioning correctly before leaving to mitigate potential risks.

  16. Secure Sliding Doors: Place a rod or bar in the track of sliding glass doors to prevent them from being forced open.

  17. Lock Interior Doors: If you have rooms with valuables, lock them as well. This adds an extra layer of security even if the main entry is compromised.

  18. Secure Spare Keys: Don't leave spare keys outside. Burglars know common hiding spots.

  19. Use a House Sitter: If possible, ask a friend or family member to house-sit. An occupied home is a significant deterrent.

  20. Home Automation: Consider using smart home devices to control lights, thermostats, and even curtains remotely, making your home appear lived-in.

By following these top tips, you'll significantly enhance the security of your home while you enjoy your vacation. A combination of thoughtful preparations and advanced security measures can provide you with peace of mind during your travels.

03 August, 2023

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Mark Grainger - Director Abbey Locks & Security

Mark Grainger - Director Abbey Locks & Security

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Nigel Hutchinson - Managing Director ILH

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