Meet The Team - Dana

Meet The Team - Dana

In today’s Meet the Team, we caught up with Dana, who does all of the graphic design work for APECS UK. Dana works remotely and has the fortune of working from some wonderful places around the globe!


Hi Dana, how is your day going?


It’s going great, thank you!


What’s it like working remotely for APECS?


I really enjoy it. As I work remotely I usually stay at home with my laptop or go to a nice place with good wifi and tasty coffee! I prefer to spend my weekends out of the house and I love walking and being in nature.


When did you join APECS?


I joined APECS two and a half years ago, so I have been with the team for quite a while now.


What were you doing before you joined APECS?


I began my freelance career back in 2012, and I worked on Upwork where I was a Top Rated freelancer for a number of years. Alongside this, I also had a number of long term independent clients. Before I went freelance I was working in Kyiv.


Is this your first role within the industry?


Yes, it is. It was a new and interesting experience for me to start working in a new field.


What do you do at APECS?


I do all of the graphic design at APECS. This includes things such as designing and producing the product catalogues, leaflets, flyers, posters, social media layouts, short videos and much, much more. Anything that involves graphic design has usually been done by me!


What is something you are particularly proud of from your time with APECS?


APECS is a company which helps people make their homes and offices secure and I am proud to be part of a company which is helping people in their everyday lives.


What do you like most about working at APECS?


I like that I am responsible for all kings of different design work at APECS and it gives me the freedom to make improvements. I’m also really happy to get to work with great people!


What are you excited about in 2020?


I would like to expand my professional skills. I am going to study animation and video design and hopefully I’ll be able to apply my new skills at APECS.


What inspires your work?


I like to travel and learn new things. I love art and following the latest graphic design news. I like to think that all of these things have an influence on my work.


You can see examples of Dana's design work throughout our website and with our physical promotional materials. 

10 March, 2020

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