Meet The Team - Ornela

Meet The Team - Ornela

Hi Ornela, how is your day going?


Great, thank you! 


When did you join APECS? 


I joined APECS in early 2018, so I am coming up on two years with the company now and a lot has changed in the time I've been here. 


What sort of things have changed since you joined?


The personnel for one! We had a lot of new team members join last year, so the office has changed quite a lot and I think we’ve pushed on a lot in the past year. The new staff members have helped to push us on to the next level and raise the awareness of our products within the industry. 


What were you doing before you joined APECS?


I’ve been working as an Accounts Assistant for some time now and previous to joining APECS, I was working as a freelance Accounts Assistant for a variety of different companies. 


What do you do at APECS?


I am the Accounts Assistant at APECS, so I spend most of my time dealing with invoices and sorting out payments and accounts. If there’s anything to do with numbers, then I’m probably the one doing it! 


What do you like most about working at APECS?


Every day is different and we have a solid, hard working team here in the office, so that works well. 


What are your plans for APECS in 2020?


I’m actually taking maternity leave soon to have my third child, so that will be taking up a lot of my time in 2020! 


The whole team at APECS would like to take the time to wish Ornela all the best for her and her new baby! She has been a valued member of the team for a number of years now and we hope to be able to welcome her back soon! 


21 January, 2020

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