National Home Security Month

National Home Security Month

National Home Security Month – Lock Snapping


National Home Security Month (NHSM) seeks to raise awareness around the importance of home security so that you can rest safe in the knowledge that your home, family and belongings are protected. Taking place every October, NHSM offers seasonal tips and advice to help protect the nation’s homes, families and possessions. 


One of the biggest themes of this years’ NHSM is lock snapping. Lock snapping is one of the most common forms of attack used in burglaries in the UK, with some locks able to be snapped in under 10 seconds. If your door is not protected by a lock with anti-snap technology, then it can be extremely easy for burglars to snap your lock with very basic tools and gain entry into your property within seconds. Police crime statistics indicate that lock snapping is the method used in 30% burglaries in certain areas of the UK and this figure has risen sharply over the past few years as burglars catch on to just how easy it is to snap a standard cylinder. 


The best way to defend yourself against lock snapping is with an anti-snap euro cylinder. A euro cylinder is the type of cylinder most commonly used on uPVC composite multipoint door locks and the quality of these cylinders can range massively. If you want to prevent lock snapping, then you want to use a cylinder which has anti-snap features, such as our N6 or AP cylinders. You should also be looking for a cylinder which has the BSI 3* Kitemark as well as the Sold Secure Diamond Standard. Our AP cylinder has both of these certifications making it the most secure lock on the market. 


The APECS AP cylinder is engineered with a unique sacrificial point, which when tampered with externally sets an interlocking cam mechanism into action. This prevents any further damage to the internal parts of the cylinder, whilst still keeping the lock operable from the inside.


In the event of snapping, the home owner can still operate the door and exit the property due to the lock's unique mechanism which is engaged when the cylinder’s external section is snapped off. This mechanism slides the clutch into place, preventing further external damage and manipulation of the cam, whilst keeping the lock operable from the inside.

It is not just anti-snap protection that the AP offers though, it also features anti-pick, anti-bump and anti-plug extraction features, making it the premium euro cylinder of choice in the UK.


The AP cylinder is a BSI 3* Kitemark, Sold Secure Diamond Standard cylinder, making it the most secure cylinder available on the UK market. Here at APECS we pride ourselves on the build quality of our cylinders and the fact that we are one of the few companies to have our own factories means that we test every batch which leaves our factory.


For more information on our AP cylinder click here.

24 October, 2019

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Mark Grainger - Director Abbey Locks & Security

Mark Grainger - Director Abbey Locks & Security

"Their 3-star cylinder range has become our go-to product to offer homeowners and the quick turn-around on orders has been a big help to our business"

13 December, 2021
Nigel Hutchinson - Managing Director ILH

Nigel Hutchinson - Managing Director ILH

"Working with APECS has been great. They are both friendly and professional to deal with and all of the products we have used have been of the highest quality."

24 April, 2019