The Benefits of an Alarm Padlock

The Benefits of an Alarm Padlock

The Benefits of an Alarm Padlock


Alarm padlocks are one of the most effective anti-theft deterrents available on the market today. Thieves are usually looking for a quick and easy theft, that is quiet and allows them to get away un-noticed. Alarm padlocks stop thieves from doing this by sounding a very loud alarm when the shackle or body are tampered with. This means that the thief is likely to either flee before any damage is done, or they will move on to another target after seeing the padlock.


Alarm padlocks provide you with double the protection of a normal padlock – they offer the standard high level of protection that a padlock does, coupled with a loud siren which will sound when the padlock is tampered with. This means that the alarm sounds before any damage is done, keeping your items safe and secure. If the alarm does sound, more often than not the thief will flee because of the fear of being caught.


Alarm padlocks are becoming increasingly popular around the world as they provide consumers with an extra level of security protection to put their mind at ease. They are a relatively inexpensive way to increase your home or workplace security by replacing a product that you may already be using, with an alarmed one.


APECS PDZ Alarm Padlock


When it comes to looking for the right alarm padlock for you to purchase, here at APECS we have our PDZ Alarm Padlock which is a battery powered padlock featuring a 110db alarm. The padlock detects shock motion, meaning that if the body or shackle are tampered with, the siren is activated until manipulations are stopped.


The body of the padlock is made of zinc alloy, whilst the shackle is made of heat processed hardened steel to ensure that the padlock not only protects against cutting attacks, but also against corrosion.


The APECS PDZ alarm padlock is widely used for vehicles, tool boxes, garden sheds, warehouses and many more applications. The padlock is key operated and waterproof, meaning it has been built to withstand outdoor use in all conditions. In addition, the alarm can be disabled when not required, meaning that the PDZ can be used as a standard padlock.


To purchase the APECS PDZ Alarm Padlock, you can get in touch with us by emailing , calling the office on 020 7349 9888 or if you are a tradesman, by creating a Trade Account with us.




APECS is one of the leading lock and door hardware manufacturers in the world, with offices in London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kharkiv, Ljubljana, Beijing and Shanghai, making us a truly global company.


Here at APECS, we have our own laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure that APECS products are manufactured in compliance with the highest standards of Europe, China and the United States. Our professional relationship with testing organisations in Russia and the UK, allows us to produce locks and door hardware that stands out and builds confidence in our customers.


We are one of the few manufacturers in the space to have our own factories, allowing us to have complete control over the entire manufacturing process from ideation to completion.


For more information about APECS, head over to our About Us page.

30 June, 2020

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Mark Grainger - Director Abbey Locks & Security

Mark Grainger - Director Abbey Locks & Security

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13 December, 2021
Nigel Hutchinson - Managing Director ILH

Nigel Hutchinson - Managing Director ILH

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