Our mission

Our vision

We strive to make people feel safe and protected. We mobilise our expertise, innovations and global partnerships to manufacture solutions that guarantee protection and security for people worldwide.


Our mission


We invest our experience to consistently provide our customers with superior quality hardware products that satisfy their needs and exceed expectations. We work to create solutions that are timely and affordable to all.


Our values


Our purpose is to guarantee security and we are devoted to performance and customer satisfaction. We strive to be trusted, respected and valued by our partners and customers.

Guarantee security

We know our customers want to feel and be safe. We aim to provide excellence, value and innovative products to ensure safety throughout.

Work as a team

We work as a tight-knit team. We are purpose-driven, diverse and share a passion for creating and achieving mutual goals.

Think long term

We know we succeed only when our customers and partners succeed. We do business in an open, direct and sustainable way.

APECS Prime Centre Focus - Halls of Cambridge

APECS Prime Centre Focus - Halls of Cambridge

In the first of our APECS Prime Centre Focus, we'll be taking a look at Halls of Cambridge.

04 June, 2021
5 Ways To Secure Your Home In 2021 - Coming Out Of Lockdown

5 Ways To Secure Your Home In 2021 - Coming Out Of Lockdown

With lockdown restrictions beginning to be eased in the coming months and people returning to the office and heading on holiday, break-ins could well be on the rise. Read on to find out how to secure your home in 2021. 

22 March, 2021